Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Preparing for the chair

Every week, when I walk into my therapists office she says, "how are you?"  I think it is probably the funniest thing she could possibly say.... First of all, why don't you tell me?  And secondly, if I was great, would I be spending my afternoon with you?

Now, I'm not suffering from a serious depression, I don't have bipolar decease, nobody beat or sexually abused me. My heart goes out to anyone in an actually tough situation. I had a privileged childhood.  The closest comparison I could offer would be when Betty Draper goes to a therapist season 1 of Mad Men; I have simple case of fear of failure mixed with a long history of falling on my face professionally.

My new thing is picking fights with my husband.  I don't know why I do it, but our house is like a pressure cooker.  I work from home, and he quit his job in January to become a professional student.  (It is a decision we made together)  some days our house is like a steal cage match --only one of use will exit alive.  Our pitbull, Jane and our sheepdog, Bear seem like the sane ones.

Some days are like my husband and I are having a contest, who can hang themselves on the cross longer, trying to prove to each other, "I'm working just as hard as you are." So we bitch and bicker with each other every day. Thank good most of our fights end up with us laughing or we'd be in big trouble.

Every week, as I prepare for the chair, I think.... "what I'm I going to talk about today?"  "maybe I should stop going to therapy....." "Maybe if I can find the source that feeds the vein of dissatisfaction that runs thru my body, I'll be able to feel rest and happiness, rather than exhaustion and frustration."

This week as I prepare for the chair, I'm beginning to think.....    I'd like to know her dirt.  she sits there, so quietly asking if my feelings relate to childhood.  The only thing I know about her is she is obsessed with Yoga.  There is no way she isn't as crazy as the rest of us...........  stay tuned.

My therapist keeps telling me to journal....... logically the narcissist in me, decided to publish my thoughts to anyone who will read.  Let me introduce myself and highlight some of the key topics which will entertain my followers.

I moved to California in 2004, from the midwest.  I've lived in Southern California for several years and now live in Northern California with my husband. (meet in 2009, married in 2011) He is a great guy, who is very supportive, but that doesn't mean I don't have a lot to say about marriage!!! We do not have kids, but my biological clock is ticking.... loudly.

I work from home for a mid-sized company with a ridiculous amount of marquee clients on the fortune 500 list.  My job is to smooze them and upsell them more Human Resources Widgets.  I get an up-close and personal look at how completely fucked up the decision making process is in many companies. I travel, a lot. 

I worked as a recruiter for many years, I have lots of job advice and plan to share many hilarious stories about how to guarantee your UNemployability.  People are dumb and do dumb things, all the time. My first piece of job advice, don't do dumb things during an interview.  I've also been canned, twice, and will be publicly licking my wounds.  I'll share the story of how I was blindsided and how my once bitten twice shy attitude not only got me sacked, but also my best friend as well. 

I love books, movies, politics, and reality television. I have LOTS of opinions in this area and rarely get to voice them for fear of offending friends.  Since you are here at your own free will, consider yourself warned, I will not be applying a PC filter.  WooHoo, I can't wait!  

I love Pinterest - I just started a profile for my moniker... pinning anonymously sounds like a lot of fun.  I also created a facebook and twitter page, please follow me and share with your friends.  I know everything is really bare right now, but the best advice I have received is just to start somewhere.  

Topics you can expect in the near future
  • Working from home
  • Stupid Decisions large companies make
  • What not to do during the interview process
  • Marriage
  • Midwest
  • Pop Culture
  • Politics

Cheers to a brighter tomorrow!
Rosie Dawn

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

To serve and protect

Life is more funny when you can be perfectly honest.  Rosie Dawn is a moniker.  I've been thinking about writing a blog for a very long time. In my imagination, my blog would be so successful that could tour the world with book signings and professional speaking gigs.  I've decided to give up my inevitable fame, and guaranteed success to remain anonymous.  These are the reasons I've decided to go the anonymous route:

Family/Friends/Clients will undoubtedly make their way into the blog as they are a huge part of my life.  I'll also protect their names, and do not want to have success by tarnishing anyones reputation.  However.... these people, whom I love tremendously, are too damn funny and seriously dilusional to not call it out..... my anonymity will at least let someone (should I ever have a reader) commiserate and find the ironic humor in the scenario.  Think Real Housewives, TeenMom, Celebrity Apprentice with a healthy dose of Dr. Phil. (We are seriously talking about wealthy stay at home moms, children having children (ok, really she is 24, but good-god that seams young), bankrupt friends who continue to overextend themselves financially, a therapist who thinks Yoga will solve all of life's problems, a husband who quit his job to go to school full time at the tender age of nearly 40, and  a Global VP of fortune 100 companies who drank so much during a business dinner that they literally fell off their chair.  -just the tip of the iceberg people. life is funny!!! Come along for the ride with me......)

I plan on discussing controversial topics that could possibly get me fired, divorced or just disliked by the masses.    I promise to spew my ironic humor if you promise not to judge and just enjoy this blog for what it is.... I am cowardly wizard, hiding be hind a curtain but at least I will make you laugh, and possibly quiet the crazy voices in my head by letting them speak via the keyboard.

If you like my blog, please promote it. Like it on Facebook or Pinterest, something.... because telling my family and friends to read it, is clearly not an option.

Cheers to a brighter tomorrow,